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  1. moarsims replied to your post: Guess What I Got for Christmas??

    UHH.. THE SIMS 1?
    I see what you did there…
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  3. Guess What I Got for Christmas??

    (If you guessed Pets, then you are absolutely RIGHT)

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  5. I’m alive.

    Working friggin sucks.

    I have literally not opened my game in about a month. I had totally forgot that Pets had come out. I want to buy it but if I hardly get a chance to play then I’m having a hard time justifying shelling out the $50. 

    How is everyone doing?

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  7. pixelpixies replied to your post: Hello New Followers and Old.

    I think people totally understand! You are a baby momma, that always comes first :)

    A baby momma who finishes Maternity leave tomorrow and goes back to work.

    Ugh. /dreadingthis

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  9. Hello New Followers and Old.

    Sorry again I’ve been MIA. 

    Real life has been preventing me from playing the game let alone posting anything on this blog. 

    Big life changes suck. 

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    to all my many new followers.

    (^^^Season premier tonight awww yeaaaah^^^)

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  13. Personal Post is Personal

    Sorry been MIA for like almost a week.

    My maternity leave is ending next week so have been figuring out daycare and schedule and money and oi vey all that lovely crap.

    I don’t wanna go back to work :(

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  15. Introducing Kane Nerd!

    He’s an eccentric genius.

    Too many boys…..damnit…/grumbles

    They all look the same as toddlers. lol

    I’ll do my heir poll sometime soon. Might as well choose who to focus on. I don’t really have a favourite yet.

    Do YOU have a favourite?

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  17. So Generation 3 is going to be a Guy…


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  19. DAMNIT!

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